Michele Bachmann Brags About Calling Obama “Anti-American” After She Claims She Didn’t

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by Thomas Wellborn

Back in 2008, Rep. Michele Bachmann expressed concern to Chris Matthews on Hardball that then Senator Barack Obama might have “anti-American views” (video below).  In defense of the ensuing backlash, Bachmann blamed Matthews for tricking her into making her controversial statement during an interview on radio in Minneapolis: she insisted she wasn’t really calling Obama anti-American.

HOST: You do feel his [Obama’s] views are anti-American?

BACHMANN: I feel his views are concerning. I’m calling on the media to investigate them. I’m not saying that his views are anti-American. That was a misreading of what I said. And so I don’t believe that’s my position. I’m calling on the media to take a look at what his views are.

Flash forward to last night.  During an anti-abortion rights fundraiser, Bachmann not only made the same claim again, but bragged about her past assertions.  She even went so far as to compare herself to Nostradamus.

Bachmann also said that her controversial remarks of more than a year ago – in which she called Obama “anti-American” and suggested members of Congress be investigated for “anti-American activities” – have proven prophetic.

“I said I had very serious concerns that Barack Obama had anti-American views,” she said. “And now I look like Nostradamus.”

This is par for the course behavior for Bachmann.  She is known for accusing the media of treason, encouraging people to break laws, and hurling words like “impeachment” and “unpatriotic”.

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