Rep. Anthony Weiner Uses Facts To Bury Rep. Garrett and NY Reporter

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by Thomas Wellborn

Rep. Scott Garrett’s attempt to ally with this reporter against Congressman Weiner backfires when they’re successfully rebuffed by the facts.

Weiner: I’ve done 16 town hall meetings about this. We’ve gone through that period when people were angry to were people want to understand it. We need to solve the problem of uninsured people.

Garrett: This bill is not good for people in the area. At the end of the day Anthony will be voting no.

Weiner: The last person I’ll listen to about my constituents is Congressman Garrett. Not a single Republican is going to do anything about reeling in the insurance industry.

Garrett: There is bi-partisan opposition to this bill. We need to find parts of it that will bring health care down.

Rosanna Scotto: If you vote yes, will you pay for it?

Weiner: There has been a systematic campaign of disinformation about this bill. Republicans have said they think this is President Obama’s Waterloo. Of our Democrats we have at least 230 who support it. I don’t believe members of Congress are being bought for their votes. Sometimes legislation is a philosophical thing. Republicans philosophically believe they’re here to help insurance companies and Democrats philosophically believe they’re here to help the people.

Garrett: Many of the deals cut were cut by Democrats.

Scotto: But even President Obama knew he couldn’t go away to deal with this. Will you opt out of federal insurance?

Weiner: I get the same insurance as every federal employee. No one can opt out of the exchange unless they want it.

Scotto: Didn’t they put the exemption in the bill that Congress is exempted.

Garrett: Why don’t you say take any exemption out of the bill for Congress?

Weiner: This whole notion about gold plated insurance .. you’ve got to stop believing that. My constituents understand that we pay for those rates that go up. We’re trying to bring them down.

Garrett: You will not let any of our bills come up. Some of the worst elements of this bill you people put in.

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