Could Stupak Flip To Yes?

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It sounds like a longshot – at least, it would have a few days ago – but I’m starting to believe it really could happen.

This morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the anti-abortion Michigan Democrat made sure to give himself a little wiggle room:

STUPAK: We’re looking at different options, as you said. As you know, I want to pass health care; I voted for it before. My group – we all voted for it before. We’d like to see health care. But there’s a principle we do not want to cross. We want to continue protecting the sanctity of life. That’s where we’re – that’s where we’re trying to hold to. We’re holding that principle.

Host George Stephanopolous noticed Stupak’s change in tone, and pressed further:

STEPHANOPOLOUS: What is it gonna take to lock down your vote?

STUPAK: Look it – protect the sanctity of life. Keep current law. No public funding for abortion. Let’s keep that principle intact and you can probably get our vote.

Fast forward a couple of hours to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s weekly presser, in which she emphasized the support of pro-life nuns for the bill:

PELOSI: I am pleased that we got a letter representing 60 leaders of religious orders, sisters. I’m pleased to say that the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, two sisters who taught me in my life are on the list. Every order that you can think of is there saying they wanted us to pass this life-affirming legislation.

This afternoon, Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of the “Network” advocacy group of women’s religious orders, told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto why she and many other Catholics are comfortable with the Senate bill’s language regarding abortion:

CAMPBELL: The plain language of the bill is that no federal funds should go to abortion. Not only should no federal funds go to abortion, but they mandated that every year, there be an audit to make sure that’s happening… And existing law continues to be in place, so that the Department of Health and Human Services is still controlled by the Hyde Amendment, which is the technical thing that keeps federal funds from being used. So I believe the bill.

Earlier this evening, Stupak’s office announced that he and other pro-life Democrats will hold a press conference tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am ET. Could that presser include an announcement that they’re voting Yes on the bill? Stay tuned…

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