Why Does Michele Bachmann Hate America?

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann accused the “mainstream media” of “treason,” claiming it wasn’t telling the whole story on how health care reform is being considered, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be laughed out of the House, and that “people should be calling for impeachment off of something like this.”  It’s about time that someone who continually shouts about “patriotism” is reminded of how her sickening more-patriotic-than-thou stance is, itself, un-American.

At issue is a procedure called “deem-and-pass,” “the self-executing rule,” or “the Slaughter Solution,” after New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, who chairs the House Rules Committee.  The media (is the Washington Post mainstream enough?) is blaring headlines about how the House is going to pass health care reform without a vote, and how dare the Democrats do this.  Only, this was done 35 times in 2005-2006 alone when Republicans were in charge.  And Bachmann, in particular, is name-calling again, invoking words like “treason” and “impeachment.”

Questioning the patriotism of someone with whom one disagrees is itself unpatriotic, and it’s time Bachmann was called on it. Think Progress cites the history of her nasty, unpatriotic, un-American comments.

In October 2008, Bachmann declared on MSNBC’s Hardball said that she was “very concerned” that then-candidate Barack Obama “may have anti-American views,” calling for the media to investigate whether members of Congress had anti-American views. Despite denying that she called Obama’s views “anti-American,” Bachmann later reiterated her belief that “Barack Obama’s views are against America.”

Bachmann is already suggesting that a health care bill passed into law in a way that does not meet her approval is cause to disobey that law.

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