Conservatives Have History Claiming “Satire” After Poor Behavior

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Dan Riehl’s desperate attempt for attention (he’s getting it) with his vile comments about Harry Reid’s wife is being defended by the right as being “satire.” Somehow, I don’t see how calling for euthanizing Harry Reid’s ailing wife is satirical.  Matt Sussman at Technorati puts it well:

I squint carefully, I can see how in a macabre way how right-wing readers might enjoy this type of writing, especially if they believe that the current health care proposals will lead to euthanasia of senior citizens. And I’m all for creative elucidations, but when the tastelessness outweighs the substance, it’s generally a wise idea to pass on the post.

Then Matt says to lighten up, “C’mon, it’s the weekend!”  Okay, Matt, but let me first point out the pattern of despicable statements made by conservatives who suddenly decide they’re Lenny Bruce the minute they get pushback from more sensible citizens. When Riehl asked if Dan Sparkman, the census worker who committed suicide, was a child predator, was that satire too?  Or is only sometimes that Riehl is a hilarious humorist?

Maybe it’s the Palin standard. When Rush Limbaugh uses the word “retard” it’s “satire,” but when Rahm Emanuel does it, he deserves to be fired. When Russell Wiseman, the mayor of Arlington, TX, was found emailing that President Obama purposely scheduled a speech to conflict with a Charlie Brown Christmas special, the mayor claimed it was “a poor attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor amongst friends,” before he was forced to apologize. And let’s not forget Luciane Goldberg’s “satire” of Barack Obama’s “2009 inaugural ball as imagined by Clinton staffers,” a photo of black African’s carrying spears.  And just today, we posted about North Carolina State Representative Bill Current’s excuse that he couldn’t attend a women’s history celebration because “I have promised to be at the organizational meeting of the ‘White male’ history society.” Current said he was just trying to be funny.

It’s time that conservatives who are not otherwise known for brilliant comedic observations stop making pathetic attempts to be something they’re not, and do what they do best: trying to stop every progressive advance their political adversaries are promoting to rescue this country from the deplorable shape they left it in when they were in power.

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