Alan Keyes: Normalizing Homosexuality An Effort To Make Chrisitanity Extinct

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Alan Keyes’s latest attack on homosexuality is extreme, even by his standards. It even comes complete with a Hitler analogy (although incomprehensible to me, as I only have a Bachelor’s degree…something about how society is being devalued by elites who are like Nietzsche, and Hitler liked Nietzsche ). (h/t RightWingWatch).

The normalization of homosexuality constitutes the cutting edge of this anti-Christian revisioning of right and wrong. It represents the utter rejection of the notion that we exist as part of a God-ordained whole whose nature has authoritative relevance to our understanding of the form and substance of human community. According to this view, such natural features of human existence as the bodily distinction of males from females have no more significance for moral understanding than other merely physical aspects of human appearance, such as skin color or the shape of one’s eyes.

Keyes appears to be making God in man’s image, not the other way around:

The male and female forms of human being are thus essential to the fulfillment of God’s intention, which is that human beings represent the image and likeness of God. The male-female distinction is therefore not an incidental aspect of human appearance. It is a statement about the way God is – quite literally the theological premise of human existence.

And if we continue down the path of equal rights for gays, it’s curtains for Christianity, says Keyes:

To demand that people of biblical faith disregard the substantive import of the male and female forms of human being is therefore to demand that they surrender what the Bible presents, as it were on its first page, as the first premise of the unique relationship between God and humanity. This is not just an attack on religious freedom, it is an effort to cut off the Christian faith at its root and set it on the path of inevitable extinction.

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