Texas Wingnuts Seek to “MisUnderEducate” American Public School Students

Posted by | March 11, 2010 10:37 | Filed under: Top Stories

by Thomas Wellborn

Seemingly in competition with the majority of America on pressing the revisionist history envelope, conservative Texas school boards envision glorifying their own history in America by misrepresenting themselves in public school textbooks.  The revised, and arguably fictional, text would emphasize Christianity and Republican ideals throughout the grade school social studies curriculum.

“Conservatives argue that the proposed curriculum, written by a panel of teachers, emphasizes the accomplishments of liberal politicians — like the New Deal and the Great Society — and gives less importance to efforts by conservatives like President Ronald Reagan to limit the size of government.”

I’m confident former President George W. Bush will be gratified to know that his famous question “Is our children learning?”  is being addressed wholeheartedly by our conservative friends in the great state of Texas.

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