Bernie Sanders: Those Who Deny Climate Change Like Those Who Denied Nazism

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says climate change skeptics remind him of those who denied the growing threat of Nazism and fascism in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The climate change debate “reminds me in some ways of the debate taking place in this country and around the world in the late 1930s,” Sanders said during a Senate hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 budget…

He continued: “And during that period with Nazism and fascism growing — a real danger to the United States and Democratic countries all over the world — there were people in this Congress, in the British parliament saying, ‘don’t worry! Hitler is not real! It’ll disappear! We don’t have to be prepared to take it on.'”

Asked about the comments, Sanders Communications Director Michael Briggs told Hotsheet that the senator, who believes climate change is real, “was comparing [climate change skeptics] to people in this country who were isolationists who didn’t think we needed to confront the threat.”

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, the chamber’s leading climate change denier, refuses to believe the science of climate change, saying, “I know the senator from Vermont wants so badly to believe that the science on climate change is settled but it’s not.” In Inhofe, in fact, wants scientists investigated.

But as the New York Times notes, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson did not give an inch when it came to the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change.

“The science behind climate change is settled, and human activity is responsible for global warming,” she said. “That conclusion is not a partisan one.”

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