CPAC: All Attack, No Vision

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CPAC rhymes with attack, and that is fitting for what the rhetoric has been at the Conservative Political Action Conference. John Bolton called President Obama “the most radical president we have ever elected in this country.”  Ann Coulter is partying like it’s 1998 doing Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky jokes.

She said President Clinton’s health care effort was the “second most disgusting thing” he did in the Oval Office. She attacked Clinton over his recent emergency treatment for chest pains, saying that he told his doctors his symptoms were that he “felt like two interns were sitting on his chest.”

Andrew Breitbart (pictured), the patron of accused lawbreaker James O’Keefe, accused Salon of trying to destroy him and O’Keefe after a speech where he attacked the media (of which he is a part).

Breitbart seems to have trouble remembering what is and isn’t real about the “Punk’d”-esque videos O’Keefe and Giles produced. He says the ACORN videos revealed “how many people were aiding and abetting a prostitution ring.” The prostitution ring, of course, was all imaginary. Giles did the same thing while introducing Breitbart (who’s now her boss). “We got a lot of bad things on film,” she said.

But he didn’t save all his rancor for Salon (talking to the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel, he sent a pleasant message to Center for American Progress boss John Podesta). For that matter, his speech had been pretty surly, too. “Look, mainstream media, the gig is up,” he told the CPAC crowd to cheers. “We figured you out. You’re not on our team — you’re not on the American team. You’re on the progressive team. We tried to play nice with you, and nice is over.” Evidently so.

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