Tea Party Keynoter Rick Scarborough: If We Become 30% Hispanic We’re No Longer America

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Rick Scarborough, pastor and founder of Vision America, added to the ugly underbelly at the Nashville tea party.  Scarborough was a keynote speaker who was also peddling his books, like Liberalism Kills Kids. (h/t RightWingWatch)

He also wanted to discuss the Tancredo speech which he apparently liked very much. “I didn’t hear racism,” he told [David Usborne of The Independent], before spelling out his worries. “America is a country of legal immigrants but the Left has turned it into a country of invaders,” he offered bluntly. “Look at Europe and the rampant invasion of England. They are practising Sharia law and I think this crew is going to fight that.” Mr Scarborough also outlines how the US is a “special country” – more than any other in the world – and that is how God intended it. He adds: “If we are to become 30 per cent Hispanic we will no longer be America.” (And therefore no longer special.) “That would be a bad thing.”

Tancredo fear mongered by advocating literacy tests, which were used years ago to keep blacks out of voting booths.

He went on his speech to suggest that Mr Obama was elected in 2008 – “putting a committed socialist ideologue in the White House” – because “we don’t have a civics, literacy test before people vote in this country”.

In an interview, Mr Tancredo defended his remarks, insisting they had “nothing to do with colour or ethnicity or any of that crap” but “has everything to do with people coming to America and wanting to be American”. That, he explained, means stopping talking your native language and doing everything to blend in. “Under the cult of multiculturalism, we don’t make them do that and that will have great implications,” he said.

The Independent‘s Usborne was relieved by a subject change for a post-Scarborough event:

Thank goodness that this morning, the subject will change a little. The first address of the day will be by Ana Puig under the title: “Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America” – Hugo Chavez, by name.

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