Underwear Bomber Was Read Miranda Rights Only After He Stopped Talking

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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was read his Miranda rights, but that was only after he had been detained, questioned for almost an hour, and had stopped talking. In other words, no information was lost because of the Miranda warning. Representatives of the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI had a teleconference where they all signed off taking this action.

During the questioning, one source said, Abdulmutallab suggested that other terrorism attempts were in the works. “He was making comments like, ‘Others were following me.’ And that is a circumstance where you’ve got a potential disaster, that there are others out there and you don’t have to Mirandize him right away.”

But the questioning stopped when doctors said they needed to sedate Abdulmutallab to treat his injuries. At that point, the sources said, the agents backed off.

When Abdulmutallab awakened, a second team of FBI agents was sent in. Authorities thought he might be willing to say even more to the second set of agents.

“We had to see if he was still willing to talk,” another source said. “And it was pretty quickly apparent to them that he wasn’t. He had had a change of mind. It was only after establishing that with some confidence that they decided to go ahead and Mirandize him.”

But by that time, the second source said, “We had already talked to him for almost an hour and he provided a lot of information.”

So, when those who don’t believe in rule of law start yelling about how we shouldn’t give suspects Miranda rights and how we blew it in this case, newly revealed information dictates otherwise.

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