OMG! Look Out! The Desperate Left Is Assaulting Your Values!

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Thank goodness RightWingWatch is warning us that the Family Research Council is warning us that “The Left is preparing a desperate 120-day assault on your values to appease its culture-of-death…”  Thank God we have patriotic God-fearing, America-loving organizations like the FRC, which “is preparing to meet that blitz head-on.”  This sounds so dire! And that is because the FRC is raising money. How? By raising fear.  Why, if you don’t give, here’s what the left will be doing:

* Silencing faith at work by passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which could force Christian employers to hire people whose open behavior violates their principles.

* Overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Congressional liberals want to sneak through legislation that would allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military.

* Overturning DOMA: President Obama promises to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and open the floodgates to counterfeit marriage.

* Silencing Christian and conservative radio: “Localism”–the new “Fairness Doctrine”–would endanger broadcasters who oppose the liberal agenda.

Christian employers are going to be forced to hire non-Christians! Imagine having to work alongside someone you disagree with!

They will “sneak” legislation that will let gays to serve their country openly! Gays who want to die for their country should show their patriotism elsewhere!

Marriage will no longer be defended and there will be phony unions! And straights will be struggling to hang on to their heterosexuality and their marriages!

And the 91% of talk radio that is conservative will be threatened! Conservatives will have nowhere to be heard and will be walking around with masking tape on their mouths!

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