Right-Wing Crazy: Hugh Hewitt Compares US Aiding Haiti To Invading Iraq, Adding Iraq More Legal

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Agreeing with Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt says the United States has “invaded Haiti” during an interview with writer Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens slightly demurs, and agrees with much of Hewitt’s analysis. (via Think Progress)

HH: We’ve invaded Haiti. We dropped troops on the presidential palace yesterday. The difference between Bush invading Iraq, and Obama invading Haiti, is that Bush had Congressional authorization. I’m glad that President Obama has done this, but don’t you find it odd that the left is all quiet as to this extraordinary exercise in presidential prerogative unguided by, unauthorized by simply unilateral on the part of the President?

CH: Yes, not seeking any international body, and as far as we know, though it’s very hard to be sure, no permission, not that I think their constitution would allow them permission, from a Haitian government, either.

HH: That’s right. I mean, we just took over.

CH: Yes.

HH: Now what do you think about that? I think it’s great, but I mean the left should have some problems with this.

CH: Well, if it’s unilateralism, it’s in a very, very high register, you’re quite right. But because there’s no oil there, there’s nothing anyone could possibly want, it must be assumed, per Contra, I suppose, that it’s altruistic, to that extent.

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