Census Rejecters Like Michele Bachmann Hurting America (Updated)

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A push is on to educate Americans about the importance of taking part of the census.  Answering 10 simple questions helps determine how many representatives are apportioned to your area for Congress, how much money is delivered to local communities for roads, bridges, education and other essential services, and gives us a sense of where we’re headed demographically and sociologically.  It’s also called for in the Constitution.  But Michele Bachmann is part of a movement that is refusing to answer all the questions on the form, promoting a sense of paranoia.

Here’s one specific example of how the census impacts a local community.

…the results of the U.S. census have some very local impacts for New Hampshire communities: Such as where schools and hospitals are built, how much federal money is allocated to cities and towns, and how many people represent our interests in the U.S. House.

In Iowa the census is bringing jobs, and here’s why it’s important to answer all the questions, not just how many people are in your household, which is the only one Bachmann bows to answer.

In March, every home will receive a 10-question form asking about the number of people living in the home, their ages and other questions that could mean a lot of money to Iowa cities.


“It could be all those things that help us in terms of law enforcement and helps people especially in some of our homeless programs,” said Frank Cownie, Des Moines mayor.


The funding involved is worth $400 billion for 100 programs. The information also helps tracking changing trends in Iowa.


“Do you know one out of five Pacific Islanders lives in poverty in the state of Iowa. That’s what we find out,” said Cyndi Chen, of Iowans of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage.


Social groups use the Census count to identify needs. If Iowans don’t fill out their forms, they could also lose a congressional seat, which are based on popular reported during the Census.


Update: Bachmann has tamped down some of her anti-census rhetoric.  It turns out that without proper participation in the census, her seat would likely be the first to go.

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