Gary Bauer: Because We Worry About Backlash Against Muslims Their Crimes Increase

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That is the gist of Gary Bauer’s article in the Weekly Standard (h/t RightWingWatch).  The one-time Republican presidential candidate frets that we’re too concerned about how Muslims will react when a Muslim commits a crime and by not reacting more strongly we’re just creating more jihadists.

While reports of attacks against Muslim Americans remain low, it is worrisome that attacks by homegrown jihadists have increased. Since 9-11, at least 60 Muslim Americans linked to jihadist groups have been convicted of terrorism and national security charges against American residents.


Yes, Gary we are creating more jihadists by our policies like being in countries we don’t belong and the promulgation of an attitude  that we are fighting some kind of religious war.


The misplaced fear of igniting an anti-Muslim backlash is a consequence of the pervasive and stifling political correctness that surrounds Islam in the West. It prevents many of our journalistic and political elites from naming our enemy and compels them to accommodate radical Islam most readily in the very places it can cause the most damage–in our prisons, public schools, and military.


American Muslim radicalization is happening in a very tolerant America. The United States contains more than 1,200 mosques, and since 9-11 it has elected its first two Muslims congressmen as well as a president who inexplicably believes our country is as much Muslim as it is Christian, and who habitually refers to Islam as a “great religion.”


So we should name the enemy “Islam”? You want a less tolerant America? You have problem with two Muslim congressmen out of 435? It clearly troubles Bauer that our president doesn’t say one religion is better than another and that he sees the value in the approximately 5 million or so Americans who practice that faith.

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