Frank Rich: This Was The Decade Of The Con

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As exemplified by Tiger Woods, the 00’s have brought us con after con, whether it was companies like Enron, self-moralizers like Eliot Spitzer, or falsely-sold wars like Iraq.  And the real person of the year, posits Frank Rich, isn’t Ben Bernacke, but rather Tiger Woods.

If there’s been a consistent narrative to this year and every other in this decade, it’s that most of us, Bernanke included, have been so easily bamboozled. The men who played us for suckers, whether at Citigroup or Fannie Mae, at the White House or Ted Haggard’s megachurch, are the real movers and shakers of this century’s history so far. That’s why the obvious person of the year is Tiger Woods. His sham beatific image, questioned by almost no one until it collapsed, is nothing if not the farcical reductio ad absurdum of the decade’s flimflams, from the cancerous (the subprime mortgage) to the inane (balloon boy).


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