The Cost Of The Senate Health Care Bill To You

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Lots has been tossed around about how we’d be affected by the Senate health care bill. Karen Tumulty at Time does a good job of breaking it down.


For most of us, who are among the 134 million lucky enough to have coverage through large employers, the difference is pretty negligible.




For small businesses (50 workers and less) and those who work for them, the projected difference in premiums is also small, a decrease of between 0% and 2%.




For people who don’t get coverage at work, and have to go out and buy it on their own, there’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that premiums would go up–between 10% and 13%*. The good news is that someone else–the federal government, to be precise–will be footing much of the bill, in the form of subsidies.



Those who will get the worst deal?

For healthy people who now pay nothing (and pray that nothing bad befalls them) a requirement that they go out and buy health insurance may not look like such a good deal, even if they don’t have to pay as much as they would now for it. Another group that may be unhappy are people who don’t get coverage at work, but who are too wealthy to qualify for subsidies.


The last group accounts for 10% of the uninsured according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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