McCain Camp Calls Palin Book “Revisionist,” “Self-Serving,” And “Fiction”

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John McCain’s campaign manager Steve Schmidt (right), told Politico that charges about him in Sarah Palin’s new book are “made up.”

Schmidt, Palin writes, was “grim-faced” and “cool,” and tried to pin the campaign’s troubles on what he claimed was Palin’s post-partum depression, and even went to so far as to try and dictate her diet.


According to excerpts…, Palin “took in his rotund physique and noted that he used nicotine to keep his own cognitive connections humming along.”


“I’m a forty-four year old, healthy, athletic woman raising five kids and governing a large state, I thought as his words faded into a background buzz. Sir, I really don’t know you yet. But you’ve told me how to dress, what to say, who to talk to, a lot of people not to talk to, who my heroes are supposed to be and we’re still losing. Now you’re going to tell me what to eat?”


Palin complains in the book about McCain’s aides smoking,  about Schmidt using “the f-bomb” in front of her child, Piper, and about being kept from talking to the press aboard the campaign plane.


“Aboard the campaign plane I was within twenty-five feet of reporters for hours on end. Headquarters’ strategy was that I should not go to the back of the aircraft and talk to the press,” Palin wrote, according to an excerpt that appeared Friday on the Drudge Report website. “At first this was subtle, but as the campaign wore on, [campaign aides] Tracey [Schmitt] or Tucker [Eskew] would call headquarters to request permission, and someone in DC would respond, ‘No! Absolutely not—block her if she tries to go back.’”


Funny that at the same time she complains about being kept from the press she says she was “pushed” to do the Katie Couric interview. Palin says campaign adviser Nicole Wallace (right) “pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News” because “Katie really needed a career boost.” Former campaign strategist John Weaver disputes this characterization.


“Sarah Palin reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in the movie ‘Harvey,’ complete with imaginary conversations. All books like these are revisionist and self-serving, by definition,” Weaver wrote in an email to POLITICO. “But the score-settling by someone who wants to be considered a serious national player is petty and pathetic.”

Palin’s account is also disputed by former McCain campaign manager Mark Salter (right).

Reflecting on the first set of interviews Palin did as the GOP vice presidential nominee, Salter said that the sit downs were “discussed and agreed to by senior members of the campaign staff in consultation with the candidate” and that Wallace did not choose either the journalists or the outlets Palin spoke to.


“Nicolle Wallace, along with others, was tasked with helping the Governor prepare for some of her interviews. She did not decide which interview requests the candidates would accept. Nor was she tasked with securing the candidates’ agreement,” Salter said.

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