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Making the argument on O’Reilly that we don’t know if the tragedy at Fort Hood is an act of terror, refusing to label it “terrorism” because those who do so before the facts are in have an agenda, and accusing the right of shamelessly using the tragedy to bash the president, has engendered these responses:

@wwmcneill Monica Crowley is Alan Colmes sister-in-law. Bet they have some interesting family gatherings. He’s a complete idiot.


@cancon1 Colmes needs a High Colonic enema,and a douche,maybe that would wipe that smug off his face


@Adrienne2012 I have a confession to make: I CANNOT STAND Allan Colmes. There…I said it. Ughhh… *LOL!!


@giardinello1 I will never understand liberals like Alan Colmes who insist on making Hasan and all other terrorists the victims….


@CarolinaPixel: Like most haters on the left Alan Colmes is more tolerant of Nidal Hasan than he ever was of Sarah  Palin


RWCAPLLPH #umightbealib if you think Allan Colmes  makes sense. #tcot #catcot #foxnews he’s an ass.


disherdisher @hoffmanmichael Well yes! But Fox strives to have both sides even if Colmes has no logic! He is a DEM – poor guy!


TairrieB Listening to Colmes attempt to debate O’Reilly is pretty damn funny. No Alan, the shooter was NOT insane. He was a traitor. Big difference.


TinaVane Colmes sound like a complete idiot…Thank gawd he got the boot on Hannity’s show.Nobody want to hear a bunch of excuses


bsgfan28 Alan Colmes has a screw loose… that Hannity put up with this guy for as long as he did is a miracle #tcot


save_america1st Alan Colmes is such a liberal pussy…makes me sick the excuses he dreams up to defend obama and the libs


spongedocks @FrazzledHaloz he wasnt too bad tonight, but I think someone should shove an M-16 up Colmes  butt


AmericanWoman2 Can someone shut that Alan Colmes up..


Linny_Buck Alan Colmes has one BIG-ASS PIE HOLE!


praisinghim Alan colmes is an idiot sympathizer who’s still into PC-maybe it was terrorism??–uhh news flash u libtard–IT WAS TERRORISM!!!


wethepeopleorg Alan Colmes ridiculous! What a liberal freak. Poor Monica. Image that Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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