Why Conservatives Don’t Want The Olympics Here

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Forget that the Olympics would be good for our struggling economy.  Forget that we’d have an opportunity to showcase America and American representative democracy. A Chicago-based Olymics would be a feather in the cap for Barack Obama, and that does not sit well with the right wing, as expressed in the American Spectator:

…even if Chicago taxpayers end up footing the bill, the 31st Olympiad will be forever known as the Obama Olympics.




Should Obama wax eloquent IOC delegates might not only award Chicago the Olympics they could also elect Obama President of the Whole World.




If elected to a second term in 2012, Obama would be due to leave office only a few months after the Olympics. Should Chicago be selected to host the 2016 Summer Olympics the games will become a celebration of Obama. His local political base plus his legion of admirers from throughout the United States and the world would descend upon Chicago for the Obama love fest to end all Obama love fests. It will make the Roman columns used for his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech last August look modest by comparison…


But suppose Obama is somehow defeated in 2012. Well, let us remember there will be a Presidential election in 2016. Obama would be 55 years old and undoubtedly eager to pull a Grover Cleveland. He would still have the same legion of admirers who would treat him as their leader in exile (albeit a very comfortable exile.)


Obama heads for Copenhagen to become the first president to pitch, in person,  an American city to host the Olympics. Expect lots of pushback from his detractors.  Let the political games begin.

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