Wingnuts Claim Martial Law Is Coming to America

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Just for fun, I went over to World Net Daily. What I saw were headlines like “Nanny State Snatches Kids for Being Too Fat”, “Official Says President ‘Fed Up’ With Israel” and “How To Survive the Coming Martial Law In America”.  This last one seems to be a ad that links to a web site called  It promises to tell you how to “get out of harms way before globalists pull the trigger.”

The unidentified author of the site claims to be a political insider who worked for “a powerful elected official in a pretty safe district.”  But one night this secret person came upon something called the Army’s 2008 “Modernization Strategy Report.”

The more of the report I read, the clearer it became that over many years the bureaucrats in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike – were carefully maneuvering for an eventual silent coup… one that would never make headlines but would result in the transfer of power from the American people to a secret group of wealthy bankers who already had everything they wanted… except total power.


Shortly thereafter, I left my job and began making plans to prepare for what I see as a martial law lockdown or perhaps even a complete military takeover. That’s when a friend of mine (who still worked and ran in these elite circles) asked me to take a look at an advance manuscript that he had “acquired”. He said it was sending shockwaves through the establishment. He didn’t say how he got it, he simply urged me to read it.


After mentioning something called HR 645 which “calls for Homeland Security to build no fewer than 6 national facilities for holding civilians,” the site warns:  


Do Not read any further if you are easily frightened.


After blaring that the framework for martial law has been put in place by the last two administrations, we learn:


the new President’s socialist policies and questionable eligibility for office has the central government looking for a reason, any reason to pull the trigger. But trust me…


You Are Not Prepared For The Extreme Violence They Have Planned!


Police, they say, are recruiting Marines to leave the military immediately and become police officers. It’s urgent! You must act now! “What will the dreaded ‘knock on the door’ mean for you and your family?”


Final Thought: Most Americans are “sheeple” who truly display a herd mentality. Worst yet, most will do nothing and hope that evil will simply go away. (Most Jews in Germany did the same thing.) Decide today which course you will take.


And, if you act now, there is a 



FREE COPY of CAMP FEMA – American Lockdown

The company selling this stuff is called “Solutions From Science” which has a video on its page of Obama exhuming the body of Karl Marx. It turns out that Solutions From Science of Thomson, IL,  owns the website martiallawsurvival.  They also sell remedies for coming “food shortages” and items like a “survival seed bank” that “lets you plant a full acre crisis garden.”  And don’t forget that “crisis cooker” so you can prepare hot meals when the power is off.”

HR 645, by the way, is part of emergency preparedness, so that if there is another Katrina-like disaster needy families can get temporary shelter.

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