Teabagger Co-sponsor Warns Of Pitchforks, Guns, Civil War And Revolution

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Think Progress references some of the groups which paid $10,000 to Freedomworks for the privilege of sponsoring Saturday’s teabagger events. The radical fringe elements it is attracting should be of great concern to peace-loving and democracy-loving Americans. They seem to forget that an election less than a year ago put a different set of people in power. The majority made a choice. But their way of fighting back is something to be wary about. While they are calling for vigilance against the “liberals” in our government, it is the forces of Democracy that need to be vigilant against them.

Many of these groups…were pivotal in providing assistance (talking points, event lists, signs) to attendees of rowdy town halls in August and anti-Obama tea party protests. Encouraging anger and intimidation against lawmakers supporting health care reform was part of the strategy.


But for the 9/12 march, there appears to be a shift towards a more radical coalition. The official sponsorship list reveals a subterranean, extreme element of the American right in attendance. The National Association for Rural Landowners, a bronze sponsor, references the incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge to call for attacks on “government entities” and liberals. In a YouTube video posted in July [see below], the group makes the case for a secession, followed by a violent civil war. Similarly, another 9/12 cosponsor, FreeRepublic, is a forum for various radical right causes. As ThinkProgress reported, the shooter at the Holocaust museum found a welcome audience for his writings on the website.


Despite the inclusion of such anti-government extremists, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) plan to attend and speak.


The video referenced above by The National Association of Rural Landowners, headed by Ron Ewart (right),  warns of a coming civil war. It claims that the UN dictates America’s policy on foreign aid; that our government is forcing us to be charitable to other countries “at the point of a gun.”  It asks, “How do you like government telling you what to eat, what to wear, where to live, where to work, or what to drive? How do you like their plan to shut us all into big cities?…How do you like your government sticking their fingers into public schools and mandating socialism, radical environmentalism, multiculturalism and the one-world order?”

But that is only the warm-up.  After that it gets serious:

“How do you like the fact that the injustices that were being inflicted on the colonials  in 1776 that caused them to revolt against England are now the very same injustices Americans are being accosted with by their own government?”

“Which of the injustices we are now enduring will be the trigger that will send a large percentage of those [brave] Americans [who are saying ‘enough is enough’] over the edge and declare civil war against the non-producers?…The hard truth is we are headed for a civil war.

“As the liberals in the current administration squeeze Americans with their socialist, radical environmental and one-world-0rder agenda, as they work toward dismantling our Constitution, small armed revolts will begin to appear in isolated areas…There will be attacks by individuals on government institutions as more and more folks let their growing frustrations morph into violent acts.  There will be individual and multiple violent attacks on illegal aliens. “

“[Eventually] the government will declare martial law and will suspend Constitutional protections.  All these things will come to pass in one form or another…”

“Although we are being civil now, our civility is straining at the leashAfter civility and calls for the redress of grievances that aren’t answered, comes massive protests and the potential breakdown in civil order.  After massive protests will come the secession of states. After the secession of states will come the pitchforks.  And after the pitchforks will come the guns. After the guns will come civil war our outright revolution.


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