Meet Tenther Tim Pawlenty

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It appears as though Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is part of the tenther movementThink Progress shows how Pawlenty is moving to the right, invoking states’ rights, perhaps with an eye toward 2012. It’s a shame that we continue to see Republicans with White House ambitions think they have to move wingward in order to satisfy “the base.”

On a conference call, Pawlenty invoked both the Tenth Amendment and Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has expressed sympathy for secessionists.

Depending on what the federal government comes out with here, asserting the 10th Amendment might be viable option, but we don’t know the details. As one of the other callers said, we can’t really even get the president to outline what he does or doesn’t support in any detail. So we’ll have to see. I’d say that’s a possibility.


You’re starting to see more governors, including me, and specifically Gov. Perry from Texas, and most Republican governors express concern around these issues and get more aggressive about asserting and bringing up the 10th Amendment. So I think we could see hopefully a resurgence of those claims and maybe even lawsuits if need be.

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