Alberto Gonzales Defends Holder Decision to Investigate Torture

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George W. Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, told the Washington Times that Eric Holder is correct to go forward with his torture investigation:  “As chief prosecutor of the United States, he should make the decision on his own, based on the facts, then inform the White House.”

Mr. Gonzales also said Bush administration lawyers clearly defined what interrogation techniques were legal and the few who went beyond the rules should be investigated, despite the so-called chilling effect it might have on future intelligence-gathering.


“We worked very hard to establish ground rules and parameters about how to deal with terrorists,” he said. “And if people go beyond that, I think it is legitimate to question and examine that conduct to ensure people are held accountable for their actions, even if it’s action in prosecuting the war on terror.”


The conservative Washington Times’ conservative morning news radio show didn’t expect Gonzales to make these comments, obviously. When asked, “What you think of the attorney general making this decision on his own,” Gonzales correctly stated that the Justice Department should operate independent of the White House. Gonzales thus contradicts former Vice President Cheney about whether such investigations should go forward.

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