Why Does Nancy Pelosi Hate Patriotic Music (And, Of Course, America)?

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Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that is the latest right-wing meme, because of a test program whereby the music you hear on hold when you call a congressional office was changed from patriotic songs to American jazz.  And Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton (right), isn’t taking this lying down. Upton sent a nastygram to House Administrative Officer Henry Beard in protest.

…it has come to my attention that as of Tuesday, August 11th all “holding” music was changed at your request from the traditional patriotic songs to elevator music. CAO Telecommunications affirmed that congressional offices currently have no choice in the genre of music played, but merely are given the option between the elevator music on hold or no music at all, despite the fact that we’ve had the patriotic music for years!


This decision has been reversed because of great patriots like Congressman Upton.  Beard issued this statement:

“The music was changed during recess as a pilot program in an attempt to offer offices a choice of hold music,” said CAO spokesman Jeff Ventura. “But based on the feedback we received, the old music was preferred and we reactivated it today.”

So Pelosi is now being called a “patriot hater,” accused of “banning” patriotic music, and tagged with “having a problem” with it. And that’s before you even get to the posters under those headlines on these conservative websites.  Has anyone pointed out that jazz is uniquely American?

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