Two Candidates To Watch

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Michele Bachmann says she’ll run for president if God wants her to. And Orly Taitz, the attorney/dentist who is one of the leading voices in the birther movement, says she may run for office.

WorldNetDaily profiles the Minnesota congresswoman in a loving article.


She began her political career simply, as a Christian mom concerned about the content of school papers her children brought home in their backpacks, but today she has become one of the leading defenders of liberty and conservative principles on Capitol Hill.

Bachmann believes health care reform is the opposite of freedom.”Americans have got to melt the phone lines of the Democrats on the health care bill,” she continued. “If the president gets his way with nationalized health care, it will be almost impossible to ever turn it back and restore to us our freedom.”

Bachmann believes the liberal media can’t stand conservative women, which is why she is held up for ridicule.

“I also think they’re upset that I’m willing to go on radio and TV shows and call them out on their policies,” she continued. “They’ve thrown just about everything they can throw at me and they haven’t prevailed yet, and I think that infuriates them.”


Her desire to go on radio and TV must apply only to conservative shows, as she’s never accepted an invitation to appear on my radio show.

Finally, WND asked Bachmann if she could see a day when the candidate who began her political career in jeans and a holey sweatshirt would one day run for the presidency.


“If I felt that’s what the Lord was calling me to do, I would do it,” she answered. “When I have sensed that the Lord is calling me to do something, I’ve said yes to it. But I will not seek a higher office if God is not calling me to do it. That’s really my standard.

As for Taitz, she tells Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “You know I never ran for office, but I would not exclude this as a possibility.”  And to show how up she is on current events, she has other words of wisdom:

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is building internment camps for “anti-Obama dissidents,” said that on the road in the United States “people have shown me they want to have guns so they aren’t rounded up into FEMA camps,” a scenario which she says the Obama administration is planning.

  • Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s is making a bulk investment in voting machines in Obama’s hometown, Illinois. Taitz sees as no coincidence between that and internment camp.

And Taitz seems to bemoan the fact that stories about the birther movement in America have become supplanted by another topic: health care.

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