Why Did This Guy Bring A Loaded Gun To Obama’s Town Hall Meeting?

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Chris Matthews kept at William Kostric to attempt to understand why he decided to bring a gun to President Obama’s town hall meeting.  Kostric’s answer: “That’s not even a relevant question,” Kostric said, shrugging. “The question is, why don’t people bear arms these days.”

Okay, you bought a sign that said ‘The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants’ and you’re carrying a god damn gun at a Presidential event. I think those things make people wonder what you’re about.”


Kostric for his part, was unrepentant, and maintained that he was there in a totally non-violent capacity. “No one from New Hampshire was alarmed. Maybe some of the people they bussed in from Massachusets were alarmed. But we’re not really concerned about them.”


Kostric said no one in New Hampshire is alarmed that someone would carry a gun to a presidential event. “Maybe some of the people in Massachusetts are alarmed… They already have…socialism going in their state.”

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