Right Wing Gloats Over Obama’s Ratings, Forgets Bush’s

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Conservatives are taking great glee in Obama’s poll numbers. Former GOPAC political director Peter Roff writes, “Sinking Approval Ratings Are Even Worse Than They Look“.  Drudge headlines “Tracking Poll Hits New Low”, with a link to Rasmussen.  Anthony G. Martin in the Buffalo Examiner says Obama’s numbers “are plummeting faster than a drowning man clutching a razor blade.” This is a man who also wrote that we shouldn’t squelch talk of armed resistance because of one crazy with a gun.

It’s a myth that Obama’s poll numbers are horrible, says Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher.

“The press is looking for a negative story,” he added. Belcher said instead that when compared with other presidents, Obama’s poll numbers are strong, despite recent drops in approval ratings for some of his policies and initiatives.


What’s more, Belcher said the president is receiving deep support from minorities who are hurt most by the recession. “Part of what helps make it so Teflon—though which no one seems to really get—is how unbelievably strong his numbers continue to be among minorities, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. And the black and Hispanic numbers are particularly interesting because the fact of the matter is black and brown people are the ones who are disproportionately impacted in economic downturns and unemployment upticks,” he says.


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