Limbaugh: Obama “Is Angry At This Country”

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Instead of focusing on health care, much of the media is talking about the arrest of Professor Gates, as obsessions about race trump almost everything else. Bama Bashers will use the president’s response to the issue to keep race front and center, and the subtle message is, “Hey, we have a black president.”

No matter what the president says about it, his detractors will continue to use his initial comments to portray him as anti-cop, which is certainly not true.  Rush Limbaugh told Greta Van Susteren this proves Obama “has a chip on his shoulder” and “is angry at this country….When it comes to something American he criticizes it.”  According to Limbaugh, Obama “wants to destroy the public sector” and is “doing it purposely.”

To be clear Obama, contrary to what Limbaugh says, did not “call the cop stupid.”  He said that in this case the cop “acted stupidly.”  There is a difference between defining someone as “stupid” and saying someone acted poorly in a particular situation.

“This is a bad guy,” says Limbaugh.  “The most radical liberal.” Obama, claims Limbaugh, wants to decide whether your mother lives or dies.

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