Norma McCorvey: Roe Vs. Sotomayor

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Norma McCorvey, AKA Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, regrets that she was the symbol of the pro-choice movement.  In 1995, she flipped and became a vehement anti-choice ally of Operation Rescue.  Now she has a ministry she calls “Roe No More.”  She spoke with me on radio Tuesday night.  People for the American Way’s RightWingWatch details the interview.

In it, she explained that she fell asleep during Sen. Al Franken’s remarks (because he was soooooo boooooring) during the opening of Sotomayor’s hearings and then work up and decided to just disrupt the proceedings so she could get her point across. Amazingly, McCorvey doesn’t even seem to know what state Franken represents (she says he’s from Michigan and calls him a “pirate” for stealing all those votes from poor Norm Coleman) and, more amazingly, doesn’t even seem to know Sotomayor’s name, calling her “Sotomotor” even after Colmes’ properly pronounced her name.


She then went on to assert that she had to protest because Sotomayor supports reproductive choice and when Colmes pointed out that very little is actually known about Sotomayor’s views on the issue and cites a case in which she ruled on procedural grounds against a challenge to President Bush’s Mexico City Policy, McCorvey said that was several years ago and that “she’s changed” since then. When Colmes asked her what evidence she has that Sotomayor has “changed,” she asserted that it’s obvious that she has changed because “she’s lived in liberal New York for all these years.”


Eventually, she admitted that she would oppose anyone that Obama nominated and, as Colmes valiantly tried to get her to provide some evidence that Sotomayor had “changed,” McCorvey just continued to insist that she had … until she reached the point where she was proclaiming that she wouldn’t be surprised if Sotomayor had Obama’s blood running through her veins – literally.


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