When The Right Can Do No Wrong

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You have to love how some on the right are bending over backwards (or is that forwards) to defend their fallen brethren.  Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review hails Nevada Senator John Ensign for bringing “a refreshing change to the handling of beltway loose-belt scandals.”  Lopez praises Ensign as much as she blasts the media for pointing out his hypocrisy.  And she defends Ensign’s oft-stated defense of marriage and morality:


A politician’s failings do not render the beliefs to which he subscribes morally impotent. Facts remain. Marriage is a cornerstone. Under a bastardized and unfortunately widespread understanding of hypocrisy, it is “hypocritical” for someone who is not a perfect person to ever make a statement grounded in conscience, morality, or natural law. Presumably, then, all Christians should throw out their Book. The Bible is and always has been directed to sinners. And, save for the star of the show, the preaching comes from sinners, too.

No, Christians shouldn’t throw out the book.  Christian politicians should stop ramming their religious views down our throats.

And then there’s Mark McKinnon, Bush 43’s former media adviser, who rushed to defend Mark Sanford when he disappeared, saying it would help his presidential chances. This was before it became known that he had cheated on his wife, but after it became known he was an oddball (h/t Right Wing Watch):

…he just made himself a better bet for president in 2012.

Guy wanted some alone time in the woods to clear his head.


Here we have a guy in politics who actually likes to get OUT of the spotlight. How exceedingly normal.


But oh, no. Not normal at all. A man in his position has to be “troubled” or “hiding something” for taking a walk.



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