Bama Bashed For Saying”Supreme Leader” Even Though GOP Uses It

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Even though the title of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is “Supreme Leader,” Charles Krauthammer is outraged that President Obama would use this honorific.

“Supreme Leader”? Note the abject solicitousness with which the American president confers this honorific on a clerical dictator who, even as his minions attack demonstrators, offers to examine some returns in some electoral districts — a farcical fix that will do nothing to alter the fraudulence of the election.

Bill Bennett echoed this indignation.  But Steve Benen reminds us that no one seems to object when Republicans use the term.


The same days as Krauthammer’s column ran, for example, John McCain was on Fox News when he said, “There may be those indications since the Supreme Leader said that they were not going to tolerate further demonstrations in the street.” Does this count as “abject solicitousness,” too?


In addition to McCain, Bill Kristol and Richard Lugar have used the term the same way. So, I patiently await similar condemnation of these GOP icons.  Are Republicans this desparate to find a mode of attack against Obama?

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