GOP: Apologies For Thee But Not For Me

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Conservatives are big on demanding apologies when the offender is or is perceived to be on the left, and then they’re very big saying the apology isn’t good enough when it’s offered.  But when it comes to their own behavior, there is less due diligence.  They didn’t get upset about the half-assed non-apology by the South Carolina senator who compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla.  And when another GOP operative from that state did a racist joke about aspirin being white and working, he apologized three times on Twitter, probably realizing each time that more needed to be said. And all in 140 characters or less.

Now, Sherri Goforth, an aide to Tennessee state Senator Diane Black, has offered a non-apology apology for a racist email she sent out depicting all the presidents properly, except Barack Obama, who is seen as a pair of eyes on a black background.  The email was titled “Historical Keepsake Photo.”


Reporter Christian Grantham of Nashville is Talking gave Goforth an opportunity to apologize, with little success.


When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list. When I gave her a second chance to address the controversial nature of the email, she again repeated that she only felt bad about sending it to the wrong list of people.


“I went on the wrong email and I inadvertently hit the wrong button,” Goforth told NIT. “I’m very sick about it, and it’s one of those things I can’t change or take back.”


In other words, “I got caught sending out something I thought was really funny to the wrong people.”


Crooks and Liars reports that Black reprimanded Goforth, but if this is a slap on the wrist, it wouldn’t leave a mark.


Dear Sherri,


This is a follow up to confirm our conversation regarding the state email policy. First, as we discussed, email communications are for state use only and should not be used for purposes outside of the guidelines established. Also, as we discussed, no communication that is derogatory regarding any minority should be sent from this office or that employee will be subject to termination of employment with my office. I know you take this policy seriously and I am confident that you will abide by the policy. Your service to my office and the legislature has been commendable with the exception of this incident and I look forward to working together in the future within these guidelines.




Diane Black



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