Repubs Ready To Attack Obama SCOTUS Nominee No Matter What

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It doesn’t matter to the GOP who Obama nominates for the Supreme Court.  They have a plan of attack regardless of who it is.

  • If President Obama nominates Judge Diane P. Wood to the Supreme Court, conservatives plan to attack her as an “outspoken” supporter of “abortion, including partial-birth abortion.”

  • If he nominates Judge Sonia Sotomayor, they plan to accuse her of being “willing to expand constitutional rights beyond the text of the Constitution.”

  • And if he nominates Kathleen M. Sullivan, a law professor at Stanford, they plan to denounce her as a “prominent supporter of homosexual marriage.”

Ten research memos dissect records on issues like gay rights, abortion, and separation of church and state.  But when it was Bush’s turn to nominate judges like Samuel Alito, conservatives complained that they should be judged on qualifications, not issues.  Then-Senator Bill Frist said:

Democrats “will try to pick fights and they will look for documents and they will use scare tactics, but at the end of the day … I think he will overwhelmingly be confirmed. If the Democrats look for a fight, we will be ready to fight. This is a highly qualified nominee.”


And while they’re busy getting to oppose any pro-choice nominee, they accused Democrats of making it about abortion when the shoe was on the other foot.


There are a number of Democrats who have a lot of angst about it [the nomination] because of Casey v. Planned Parenthood. It seems to them, abortion is the end-all, be-all issue,” [Senator Orren] Hatch said.


Conservatives believe they can unite their fractured adherents over opposing any Obama nominee.  An attempt to attack any likely candidate may be more about the right-wing finding common cause than anything else.  Get ready to count how many times we hear the word “radical”.

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