Clinton Hater Needs Favor From Hillary

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Michael Savage, the extremist radio host who is on England’s banned list, is now asking for help from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He’s enlisted the Thomas More Law Center to write a letter that “respectfully demands” that she call on the UK to rescind the ban.  This is very interesting in light of the way he’s treated Secretary Clinton on his show.  Michael Hood at Blather Watch collected some of Savage’s bon mots.

Seems like only yesterday that Savage (KTTH m-f, 6-8p) was calling her “that hag, that harridan,” a “fraudulent huckster,” a “dangerous yokel,” a “liar,” a “sickening person.” Evita Perón.


Remember when he spouted that one of her speeches, was “Hitler dialogue?” And he shrieked, “Goebbels would be proud of you, Hillary Clinton!”


Or the time he told listeners that her presidential campaign would provoke “race riots” and would be “one long hate crime against white people.”


Savage’s anti-immigrant message is severe:

…he says he wants to stop “those who want to spread extremism, hatred, and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country;” and advocates shooting to kill anyone who’d attempt breach the wall he’d build around the US…


But now he’s the one being kept out of a civilized country because of “extremism, hatred and violent messages.


Here’s a little Savage-to-Hillary love from August 14, 2007.

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