RNC Considers Giving Early Christmas Gift to Democrats

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Roger Simon of Politico reports:


A member of the Republican National Committee told me Tuesday that when the RNC meets in an extraordinary special session next week, it will approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the “Democrat Socialist Party.”

RNC member James Bopp, Jr. promoted the idea last month in an e-mail to the 168 voting members of the committee:


“The proposed resolution acknowledges that and calls upon the Democrats to be truthful and honest with the American people by renaming themselves the Democrat Socialist Party,” wrote Bopp, the Republican committeeman from Indiana. “Just as President Reagan’s identification of the Soviet Union as the ‘evil empire’ galvanized opposition to communism, we hope that the accurate depiction of the Democrats as a Socialist Party will galvanize opposition to their march to socialism.”

But RNC Chairman Michael Steele doesn’t like the idea:


Steele wrote a memo last month opposing the resolution. Steele said that while he believes Democrats “are indeed marching America toward European-style socialism,” he also said in a (rare) flash of insight that officially referring to them as the Democrat Socialist Party “will accomplish little than to give the media and our opponents the opportunity to mischaracterize Republicans.”

Steele recognizes that the committee approves this, they’ll be doing the Democratic Party a huge favor. But as Simon notes, Steele is not popular within the RNC, so the membership could ignore his objections. I sure hope so.

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