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Conservatives have gone over the edge. They don’t know how to win elections, but they certainly know how to attack a Democratic president.  The fallout continues from the Obama/Biden Tuesday foray to Ray’s Hell Burger.  Wingnuttery prevails, as Obama is attacked for ordering his burger with DIJON MUSTARD! as one blogger blares; a condiment that must have been ordered, it is claimed, in consultation with John Kerry.

Obama also offended the Bama-bashers for leaving $5 in the tip jar.  Furthermore, MSNBC is accused of covering up dijon-gate by not covering the mustard order.  And there’s a pattern here, reports legalinsurrection: one of Obama’s favorite dishes uses Grey Poupon.  And, the conservosphere screams, his love of this elitist condiment goes back to 1997!

In the summer of 1997, as he was finishing his first term in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama and a young legislative aide made an exploratory tour of downstate districts. When they stopped at a T.G.I. Friday’s, Obama ordered a cheeseburger, and when the waitress brought his food, he asked for Dijon mustard to go with it. “He doesn’t want Dijon,” the aide insisted, waving the waitress away, and shoving a bottle of French’s Obama’s way. The waitress was confused: “We got Dijon if you want it,” she said.


Thankfully, at least one winger gets it, the pointy-headed law professor at Instapundit.  But Obama doesn’t stop at using the offending mustard on burgers. It is used in one of Obama’s favorite lunch recipes.


President Obama’s Tuna Salad
Grey Poupon mustard
Chopped gherkins


And, so, can Gherkin-gate be far behind?

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