Right-Wing Talker Suspended For Slurring Mexicans

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Boston conservative radio talk host Jay Severin was suspended by his station for ignorant, racist comments about Mexicans.   Severin blamed Mexicans for the swine flu, calling them “criminaliens,” “primitives,” “leeches,” and “women with mustaches and VD.” Radio writer Michael Hood says it’s no wonder Republicans don’t enjoy the good will and the votes of the nation’s burgeoning Latino population.

Radio hosts, who serve as Republican surrogates these days, imitate Rush Limbaugh and make bombastic remarks grazing the outer edges of taste and political correctness to goad the respectable media into raising a ruckus, and thence: getting them into the papers.


Severin has every right to say what he thinks, but Greater Media, the company owns WTKK-FM, which broadcasts Severin, has no obligation to provide a platform for his spewings, so good for them for showing that this kind of verbiage is unacceptable to them.

Sources within Greater Media, owner of WTKK-FM (96.9), said yesterday’s suspension was the culmination of dissatisfaction with the “hateful” tone Severin’s show has taken. WTKK received complaints about Severin’s immigarnt remarks all week, the sources said.




During Monday’s show, when talking about the swine flu, Severin called Mexicans crossing the Arizona border “criminaliens,” said hospital emergency rooms had become “condos for Mexicans,” and called the virus a “swine-aka-Janet Napolitano flu,” according to WTKK’s online recording.


Severin also called Mexican immigrants the “lowest of primitives,” called one of Mexico’s biggest “exports” “women with mustaches and VD,” said Mexicans don’t practice hygiene, called Mexicans “leeches” and said their kids aren’t vaccinated, don’t speak English and “retard” U.S. Schools.


I always wonder when I hear this kind of garbage from talk show hosts whether they truly believe what they’re saying or whether it’s a cheap attempt to stir up an audience and get ratings.  If it’s what they truly believe, I’m not sure they should be in rooms with no padding.  If it’s just showmanship, that’s even worse, since they’d then supposedly be aware enough to know better.

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