Another Conservative Backs Off After Making A Limbaugh Comment

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Republican Congressman Todd Tiahrt of Kansas was asked by a member of the Kansas Star editorial board if Rush Limbaugh is the de facto head of the GOP.  Tiahrt gave an honest answer, saying, “No, no, he’s just an entertainer.”  Now, Tiahrt’s spokesman has stepped forward to take back this enormous slight.


Asked about the episode and resulting Web buzz, Tiahrt spokesman Sam Sackett said Tiahrt was not speaking negatively about Limbaugh but was trying to defend him against the suggestion that Limbaugh could be blamed for the GOP’s woes. “The congressman believes Rush is a great leader of the conservative movement in America – not a party leader responsible for election losses,” Sackett told The Eagle editorial board. “Nothing the congressman said diminished the role Rush has played and continues to play in the conservative movement.”


After RNC Chair Michael Steele referred to Rush as an entertainer, Steele immediately corrected the record, saying, “There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.”  Geogia Congressman Phil Gingrey had the temerity to criticize Limbaugh and other talkers when he noted that what they do is “stand back and throw bricks” instead of offering “real leadership” in the middle of high-profile public policy battles.  Next thing you know, Gingrey is sending out a press release about how he sees “eye-to-eye with Rush Limbaugh.”

At least when President Obama bows, he does it for heads of state.

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