Tom DeLay: Texas Can Divide Itself Into Five States If It Wants To

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What does Tom DeLay think Texas is, an amoeba?  Chris Matthews takes him to task for defending the recent comments of Governor Rick Perry who said his state might get so fed up with the federal government that it might have to secede from the union.

: You can’t secede from the Union!


DeLAY: Texas was a republic. It joined the Union by treaty. There’s a process in the treaty by which Texas could divide into five states. If we invoke that, and the last time it was voted on was 1985, the United States Senate would kick us out and nullify the treaty because they’re not going to allow 10 new Texas senators into the Senate. That’s how you secede.


And the best exchange:


Matthews: That’s nut talk.  That’s nutty. Why are you talking like this, Tom? Mr. DeLay, you know this isn’t a real conversation…Is (Perry) out to lunch here or what?


DeLay: No, he’s standing up for the sovereignty of the state of Texas


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