Michele Bachmann Redux

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Michele Bachmann never fails to amuse. However, her statements about Muslims, aided and abetted by KSFO radio host Lee Rodgers is worrisome, in that Muslim-bashing is so last administration.  News bulletin: we’re not at war with Islam, as our new president has stated.  Think Progress, your one-stop shop for Bachmannobilia,  has the audio of an April 9 conversation.

LR: Minnesota is the first state to have elected an openly, avowed Muslim to Congress, Mr. Ellison. The word is, he is heavily involved in what amounts to a talent search for Muslims to fill jobs of some importance in the Obama administration. What’s the reaction to that back in Minnesota?


MB: You know, I think our, our news media hasn’t, hasn’t put that message out. We have a very liberal new(s) media here in the state of Minnesota and that message hasn’t gone out. I think that most people probably aren’t aware of that.


The twosome then go on to make false claims about the Imams who were detained for flying while Muslim.

MB: The imams, the imams were actually attending, ah, Congressman Keith Ellison’s victory celebration, when he won as a member of Congress.  And the imams went to the Minneapolis airport to leave and go home. While they were there, they were shouting phrases anti-Bush, anti-America and they laid their prayer shawls-er, their prayer rugs out on the floor in the airport terminal, were having their prayers, and um, were making these statements and when they got aboard the airplane, they switched seats, they didn’t go to their proper seats, and they went in the pattern of the nine-one-one uh, um, terrorists who were on the airplanes


The claim that the Imams were were in Minnesota for Keith Ellison’s victory party have been documented as untrue, even by the conservative “Middle East Quarterly.”  And there has been no evidence of anti-Bush or anti-America statements.

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