Earth To Conservatives: Try The Decaf

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With word that Homeland Security is concerned about right-wing radical extremists, one must wonder why so many who consider themselves mainstream conservatives are taking this personally.  Michelle Malkin, for example, is calling this “a sweeping indictment of conservatives” and eloquently refers to it as “a piece of crap report,” while suggesting its release is somehow connected to tea parties. Similar paranoia is exhibited at The American Spectator and the Liberty Papers.

I agree with Jonathan Chait at TNR who asks why conservatives would want to lump themselves with murderous extremists who might be fomenting domestic terrorism.  Why are they so touchy as though they are being targeted?  Are they really more extreme than they let on? Are they engaged in unlawful activity? Are they planning the violent overthrow of the government?  No?  Then, move along, and don’t worry your pretty little heads.  I don’t like intrusive government, either; but, then I opposed the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping and have always supported habeas corpus.

So, why all the tenseness? Maybe it’s too much caffeine.

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