Are We Really In Such Dire Shape?

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Listening to the rabid right these days, you’d think doomsday is nigh.  They want you to believe that Obama will confiscate guns.   They’re having militia-backed tea parties. They want you to think, as Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia warned, that Obama will create a Marxist dictatorship and will do what Hitler did.

I love when he says “I’m not fear mongering; I’m just trying to be vigilant to defend freedom.”

And James Dobson, stepping down from day-to-day activities as head of Focus on Family, says, “We are awash in evil.”  Dobson says the world has turned colder toward the family, and the world is hostile to people of faith.  And with the president we had in the ’90’s and the Internet coming along, it became tougher to defend the dignity of the family and the unborn child. “We are right now in the most discouraging period…”

Dr. Dobson says, “But God is in control.”  Well, if that’s the case, then God wants Obama to be president and to do exactly what he is doing.  Now, how do we convince the right that he’s not taking away guns and not forming a fascist dictatorship?  Why don’t we just leave it all up to Him?

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