Meghan McCain To Laura Ingraham: “Kiss My Fat Ass”

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Meghan McCain appeared on “The View” and responded to radio host Laura Ingraham’s recent comments about her.  After Meghan wrote that Ann Coulter should not be the face of the Republican Party, Ingraham mocked her in a valley girl voice calling her “plus-sized,” and saying no one would be talking to her if she weren’t the daughter of John McCain.

INGRAHAM (mocking): Ok, I was really hoping that I was going to get that role in The Real World, but then I realized that, well, they don’t like plus-sized models. They only like the women who look a certain way. And on this 50th anniversary of Barbie, I really have something to say.


Meghan stood up, not just for herself, but for all women, when she went on the view and remarked that what Ingraham is essentially doing is discouraging young women from speaking their minds.

McCAIN: What do young women think when I speak my mind about politics and I want to have a political discussion abot the ideological future of the Republican party, and the answer is, “She’s fat, she shouldn’t have an opinion. What kind of message are we sending young women? … It infuriates me. I’m a political writer on a blog, and all of a sudden I’m too fat to write?…When Tyra Banks went on her show in her bathing suit and said, “Kiss my fat ass.” That’s what I feel right now. I’m like “Kiss my fat ass!…I couldn’t possibly imagine how any woman could criticize another woman’s weight.”

h/t Think Progress

Ingraham’s response?  “Can I say ‘lighten up’, or is that offensive, too?”

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