Clyburn: GOP Governors’ Stimulus Refusal Slap In The Face To Blacks

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South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn says the refusal of southern governors to take stimulus money is “a slap in the face of African-Americans.” Clyburn added a provision to the package that would let state lawmakers override governors who won’t take the money.  While Clyburn says he doesn’t believe the governors are racially motivated, he believes the net effect of their refusals would hurt black Americans.

…the governors of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alaska and Idaho have all questioned whether the $787 billion bill signed into law this week will even help the economy. Opponents, meanwhile, say they’re are putting conservative ideology ahead of the needs of constituents.


“My concern is there’s going to be commitments attached to it that are a mile long,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who considered rejecting some of the money but decided Wednesday to accept it. “We need the freedom to pick and choose. And we need the freedom to say ‘No thanks.”‘


Governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana seem poised to take some but not all of the money guaranteed to their states.  Other Republicans such as Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Charlie Crist of Florida agree with the plan and will take the money.  Is it just  me, or does it seem like the governors opposed to the plan are the ones setting themselves up for future high political office?  They want to be the ones to say, “I told you so,” should the plan not live up to expectations.

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