Conservatives, Talk Radio, John Ziegler, and Nate Silver

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Former radio talk show host John Ziegler put out a video, the implication of which is that those who voted for Obama are morons. He was contentious with me from the get-go on a recent TV appearance, surprisingly bringing up race where no race issue was previously implied.

A 2005 intervew in The Atlantic may explain some of Mr. Ziegler’s issues.  Ziegler defends himself here.  But, most revealing, was an interview he did with with Nate Silver of, which ended with Ziegler suggesting that Silver perform a certain act upon himself.  In fact, all Silver did was ask good, pointed questions, which somehow riled Ziegler.

Silver’s analysis of this whole thing is worth reading if you’re a fan of talk radio or if you want some good insight into the conservative mindset.  He asks, “Did Talk Radio Kill Conservatism?

Conversely, I wonder if conservatism killed talk radio; or, at least, talk radio as we’ve known it. We’ve already seen what conservatism has done to the country.  Surely talk radio doesn’t need to confine itself primarily to only those who agree with the right, especially at a time when even many Republicans are disgusted with what has become of their movement.  A new day for America politically may mean a new day for a medium that can be invigorated by a changing climate.

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