Paranoid Gun Nuts Stocking Up For An Obama Administration

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Worried about Obama taking their guns away or fearing a race war, gun lovers are flocking to their favorite ammo depot to get their favorite toys.

“People are terrified of losing their right to protect themselves,” said DeWayne Irwin, owner of Cheaper Than Dirt, a large gun store in Ft. Worth. “The volume is 10 times what we ever expected. It started with assault rifles, but at this point people are buying ammunition, high-capacity magazines, Glocks-it’s all flying off the shelf. With the economy the way it is, people are worried about instability. They are scared of civil unrest.”


Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Arlington, author of a book on the Virginia Tech killings worries about the implications.

“I almost hate to say it, but there is a deep-seated fear of the armed black man, because Obama now commands the military and other instruments of the justice system. They are afraid Obama will exact retribution for the very deep-seated legacy of slavery.”

At Wild West Guns in Anchorage, they’re holding an “Obama Sale” and the owner of another gun store says, “Obama is the best salesman we’ve had in the last 50 years.”

As explains, this is all based on the NRA’s false interpretation of Obama’s stance on gun issues.  Think Progress has video of a FOX News report that puts it in perspective.


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