They’re Proud Of America For Electing Someone They Didn’t Support

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It’s just nauseating that the very people who fought against an Obama victory and went so far as to call his views anti-American are now telling us how great it is that he won.  Michele Bachmann, for example, the Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, who said she was “very concerned” that Obama “may have anti-American views,”  is now lauding his victory.   Bachmann barely held on to her seat as a result of her previous comments.

Now, Bachmann is saying how wonderful it is that Obama won.

…Bachmann (R-Minn.) told Politico Thursday that she was “extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year.” She called his victory “a tremendous signal we sent.”


Yet, just a day earlier, she compared an Obama administration to the Sopranos, and said, “This is knuckle Chicago politics and that is what is going to be in the White House now.”

And Obama non-supporter Bill Bennett, the conservative former Reagan official, now a radio talk show host, says Obama’s victory is “an incredible milestone” that means “you don’t take any excuses anymore from anybody who says, ‘The deck is stacked, I can’t do anything, there’s so much in-built this and that’.” (h/t Crooks and Liars)

Hear that minorities? Obama is in charge and that means no more excuses!

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