This Is What Desperation Feels Like

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When you keep repeating the same attacks that haven’t worked up until now, you’re in big trouble. A PAC called National Republican Trust has a new ad out linking Obama to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, that says:

“For 20 years Barack Obama followed a preacher of hate and said nothing as Wright raged against our country,” the ad says. “He built his power base in Wright’s church. Wright was his mentor, adviser and close friend. For 20 years Obama never complained — until he ran for president. Barack Obama. Too radical. Too risky.”


They’re also attacking Obama because he has a half-aunt who lives in Boston housing project, someone Obama met once and hasn’t seen since his visit to Kenya in 1988.  It’s not even clear Obama knows she’s living in the states.  And she can’t hate him too much since she donated $260 to his campaign.  Unlike, say, Cindy McCain’s half sister, Kathleen Hensley-Portalsky, an Obama supporter, who says Cindy makes her “feel like a non-person” when she describes herself as an only child.

And the latest attempt to paint Obama as a radical has conservatives criticize him because he’s had dinner with Rashid Khalidi, while ignoring that John McCain ran a Republican outfit that give almost half a million dollars to a Khalidi organization.

Calling Obama a socialist isn’t working. Neither are the various attempts to link him with individuals who have, in their view, “radical” points of view.  Suggesting he hates America and doesn’t take care of his family isn’t working.

Here’s a unique idea for the McCain campaign: tell people why they should vote for you.

Update: Obama has met his half-aunt more than once, but they were not close and have not been in touch with each other for years. Obama did not know she is living, possibly illegally, in the US.

The campaign said Obama has seen Onyango several times over the years, including during a second trip to Kenya with his wife, Michelle. Onyango previously traveled to Chicago on a tourist visa at the Obamas’ invitation about nine years ago before visiting friends on the East Coast and returning to Kenya, according to the campaign.

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