Clash Of The Titans

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I’ve been in Virginia Beach today at Pat Robertson’s Regent University for an event called “Clash of the Titans“.  It’s a yearly spectacular put on by Dr. Robertson that has, in the past, included Al Gore, Bob Dole, Ehud Barak, and a host of other luminaries.

So, I’ve spent the afternoon and the evening with Pat Robertson, Donna Brazile, Mike Huckabee, Geraldine Ferraro, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes, and our moderator, Norah O’Donnell.  If campaigns were as classy as this get-together, we wouldn’t be hearing about Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and how Obama is a danger to America. 

Rick Santorum gave the most touching speech about his family and his special needs child. Mike Huckabee has a career as a stand-up comic if he wants one. Geraldine Ferraro shows why her historic place in history is so richly deserved with eloquent commentary.  Donna could be a candidate herself, and Steve Forbes is really quite funny.  Norah is a class act. 

I had a wonderful talk with Pat’s wife, Dede, about his 1988 campaign and what it’s like being the spouse of a candidate.  And I learned that there are those moments when we can all come together as Americans with mutual interests in the betterment of the planet and celebrate what binds us together regardless of political stripe.

And now back to our regularly scheduled campaign.

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